• quick & easy chicken casserole
6 Mar, 2016

Quick & easy chicken casserole

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Why spend hours waiting for a moreish family size casserole, when you speed up the cooking time to around 40 minutes in a pressure cooker.  It still has an intensity of flavour and is a remarkably light dish.Quick & easy chicken casserole - Good-value dish of chicken, veg and potatoes stew that can be on [...]

  • homemade bone broth in a bowl
2 Mar, 2016

All you need to know about bone broth

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Broth, which is technically a stock, is a marriage of mineral rich bones with vegetables, herbs and spices.  Perfect as a stock for flavouring soups, risottos an the base to many sauces.  The broth itself can be eaten as a soup, plain and simple. I feel that stock is the modern name used by nearly [...]

  • bone broth/chicken stock
1 Mar, 2016

Bone broth

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Broth, also known as stock is an almost clear liquid, very light in both colour and flavour.  It is rich in protein and thin in texture.  It is made by cooking the bones of meat, fish or poultry, allowing the rich minerals to be extracted into the liquid broth.Bone broth - A healthy broth/soup that [...]

  • peas and pea pods
29 Feb, 2016

Peas in a pod – fresh peas

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Fresh peas can only mean one thing here in the UK - Spring is on its way and we can start enjoying those fresh, green and lighter vegetables and banish away those heavier veg from the winter. Peas for me are all part of my childhood memories.  My father would grow them in the garden [...]

  • pea and ham soup
29 Feb, 2016

Pea and ham soup

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The first thing you see about pea soup is the vibrancy of the dish, which is equally matched by the freshness and sweetness that comes through from the peas.  There are few ingredients here, so the peas really do speak for themselves.  If you can make the chicken or vegetable stock, then you will have [...]

  • meals from leftovers graphic
19 Feb, 2016

12 meal ideas from leftovers

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"Leftovers or excess food need not be waste!" At a time when some food prices soar, food poverty is prevalent and a huge media campaign to highlight communities starving around the world.  I'm not going to get sanctimonious about how we shouldn't waste so much food, but it has been an education to think more [...]

  • creamed savoy cabbage and carrots
15 Feb, 2016

Creamed cabbage and carrots

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It's not often you can create a tasty, luxurious side dish from just two vegetables.  You'll be wanting to tuck in for more.  The added nutmeg really does add something to this dish.Creamed cabbage and carrots - This is a real crowd pleaser from just a humble savoy cabbage and carrots - your dinner guests [...]

  • spicy vegetable soup with croutons
11 Feb, 2016

Spicy vegetable soup

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Spicy vegetable soup - This is a hearty, winter dish that can be enjoyed by all. Simply omit the pancetta for a fully vegetarian version (I've used a home-made vegetable stock as the base). Serve with crusty bread or rustic croutons. - onion (roughly chopped), garlic, vegetable stock (or stock cubes), tomato puree, sweet potatoes, [...]

  • chicken strips with greens - leeks, peas and spring onions
2 Feb, 2016

Chicken strips with greens

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This evening meal idea came about as I wanted to use up a drawer full of greens and had a pack of chicken strips coming to its sell by date.  This dish is so delicious and can be prepared and cooked in under 25 minutes.  The chicken will give you a protein-rich dish and the [...]

  • riverford organic farms fruit and veg boxes
19 Jan, 2016

Review: Riverford organic farms

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Foods that are bad for us to eat, how we should be more ethically aware as consumers and cooks and told to consider sustainability - it seems that not a day goes by when this message comes across in the media (in the UK at least).  Look online and you can now find a plethora [...]