How many of you (myself included) found yourself with an amazing recipe, but it’s in measures that might as well be written in a foreign language?  Cups in South Africa and USA, metric in Europe and well the UK can’t decide whether it should be imperial or metric 🙂  There are now conversion apps for your smartphone, but I usually find myself in the kitchen without it, or hands covered in pastry for example.  Well I have made this helpful grid with the most common of measures needing converting.  It is now a common feature in my kitchen, taped inside one of the kitchen cupboard doors, so it is always at hand!

weights and measures table

I have saved it in a PDF format, so you just need to click the link here measurements and it will open.  Most pdf software allows you to save and print it off.  Feel free to print off as many time as you need and distribute with all your friends and family.

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